این اجرای گروهی و پرفورمنس به یاد
“یاقوت”، زنی که تا همین 40 سال پیش! هر روز با لباس سرخ در میدان فردوسی
دیده می شد و شایع شده بود که عاشق است و با کسی، در همین محل و با همین
لباس قرار عاشقانه دارد، به اجرا در آمد. اما گویا معشوق نیامد که نیامد.
می توان اینطور هم فکر کرد که شاید روزی یاقوت با کسی قراری داشته و نرفته و
بعد از آن دلش سوخته و برای جبران، هر روز به همان شکل و شمایل بر سر قرار
سوخته! حاضر می شده….کسی چیزی نمی داند اما اجرای امروز دوستانمان به یک
“عاشقانه ی آرام” شباهت داشت و در کمال
خونسردی و احترام اجرا شد

Yaqoot, the Lady in Red at Ferdowsi Square

People of my age probably have not heard of Yaqoot (Ruby in English,
not-so-popular Iranian name) who was disappeared in 1361 (1983).
However, those who can picture Tehran before the 1979 revolution had
seen a lady in red at a corner of Ferdowsi Square. Heavily made-up,
thin, medium height, boney faced clenched by the passing days of life.
She was all in red; everything in red: her purse, shoes, sucks, skirt,
blouse, and a bag she used to carry all the time and of course those
last days a head scarf and stick. Tehranees named her Yaqoot, a name she
herself liked too.

Year after year, they say for
twenty-thirty years, everyday from morning to night she used to stand
still waiting in a way that you would say the one supposed to see her
comes right away. Everybody believed that an unfaithful lover one who
never showed up, had asked her to wear red dress for the appointment
which left her ever after in red.

This is to propose
performing this story. Relying on the support from volunteers everyday
at exactly 6pm a lady in red with a rose in her hand would stand waiting
at Ferdowsi Square