25 Fascinating Photos of Famous Writers at Home

By Emily Temple on 

This week, we caught a glimpse of author Tao Lin’s Murray Hill apartment in this cheeky review over at Vice. Though somewhat alarmed at the squalor of Lin’s digs (seriously, can you blame us?), we found ourselves inspired to hunt down a few more shots of notable authors hanging out at home. After the jump, stop by and visit with everyone from Zora Neale Hurston to Paul Auster. Whose apartment would you most like to move into? Let us know in the comments.
Tao Lin perched on a mostly empty bookcase in his Murray Hill apartment. [via]
Photo Credit: Christopher R. Harris
Photo Credit: Christopher R. Harris
Alice Walker at home in Jackson, Mississippi, 1977. [via]
Capote At Home
Photo Credit: Slim Aarons
Truman Capote in his Brooklyn Heights apartment, 1958.
James Baldwin at home in Saint-Paul de Vence. [via]
Vladimir and Vera Nabokov, working at home. [via]
Photo Credit: George Leavens
Photo Credit: George Leavens
Ernest Hemingway reading The New York Times in bed. [via]
Henry Miller in his home library in Big Sur. [via]
Photo Credit: Judy Linn
Photo Credit: Judy Linn
Patti Smith and Sam Shepard in her apartment in the early ’70s. [via]
Zora Neale Hurston working at her home in Brevard County, Florida. [via]
Photo Credit: Alfred J. Meyer
Photo Credit: Alfred J. Meyer
Mark Twain at home, 1903. [via]
Photo Credit: Man Ray
Photo Credit: Man Ray
Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas in their apartment at 27 rue de Fleurus, Paris, 1922.
Agatha Christie reading and walking in Greenway, her English summer home.
Ralph Ellison at home. [via]
Rudyard Kipling in his study in Naulakha.
John Updike in his study in Ipswich, Massachusetts.
susan sontag 1993 by annie-leibowitz
Photo Credit: Annie Leibovitz
Susan Sontag lolling about at home, 1993. [via]
Anne Sexton with her feet up at home.
Virginia Woolf outside her summer house with Maynard Keynes, Angelica Bell, Vanessa Bell, and Clive Bell, 1930s. [via]
F. Scott, Zelda, and Scottie Fitzgerald at Lands End, their home in Sands Point, NY, on Long Island Sound. [via]
Photo Credit: Jill Krementz
Photo Credit: Jill Krementz
Donna Tartt at home with her pug, Pongo. [via]
Photo Credit: Larry Sultan
Photo Credit: Larry Sultan
Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida at home in San Francisco. [via]
Paul Auster in his home in Park Slope. [via]
Photo Credit: Glenn Russell
Photo Credit: Glenn Russell
Alison Bechdel in her home studio. [via]
Jorge Luis Borges in his bedroom.
Edward Gorey: at home, with cats. [via]