Penguins offense for being relative / murder case to be Right Back Reload were left for days in a year from December 1377

My room has been opened to the death that pisses on pantses fence  rain was instead a spotlight on my face that was  shrivel/ left
Communist was not left
to the left of the French Revolution had reached no where
Left release his killer
Left in the training tolerance to Mayakovski brings clouds (your thought  is dreaming  / on a bed of wane minds / should I  incite  the bloody garment /  I should laugh  to  these wounds / must   be hideous and rabid / I should sarcasm / should so laugh / so I be quiet)
Left output was not any officer to be sent Smiles to  page needs from the darkness
The darkness of history is / became was history / date was
June had two
July was eighteen
Was the mass execution / sixty-seven times /  he had became Arash, Kaveh, Mojgan, banafshe, he was nobody Not at all / no need to betray  to himself on  his left /His words in the mouth of sailor / Bisexual / / plain clothes / became brother/
As well as continue to confess was that I brought up my vomit
Death to the phone, I give  /, which hang up / my ears was belong to death
Since side conversations / was not intelligible  through  the wire
they  have made Mohammad ,Mokhtari / an autumn morning

Vladimir Mayakovsky: Poet and Drama writer and Russian futurist revolution. During his creativity and artistic activities of teachers and Homework style revolution in Russia he  grew along with revolution events  after the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia during the Soviet era he was one of the  most famous poets .

Eighteen July: Tir events or events of Tehran University dormitory complex unrest and clashes between the eighteenth and twenty days of July 1378 between students, police, and plainclothes people called Ansar reward.

Mhmdmkhtary: poet, writing, translator and  critic of Iran. 12 Persian date Azar 1377 = adventure serial murders, was assassinated