Rental dialogs that all are similar to steep spit go on a radio lullaby

دانلود کنید با حجم ۲۹۵ KB

Short wave
Long wave
Let the radio go
I had took my ear
Swath to cling
Surgery one sheep to the virginity made a “ Masoud kimeyaie’ identity “ a red carpet
Today all of going touch the revert
It s going to talk on going in to womb that wasn’t be long him
Hey immortal paradox
Stalin lover! De Gaulle !  “ al ahmad and siavash kasraie” / all to gather
Sound of bar bar bar “baraheni “ run in to my ear
In to that spit which I have had shed top of my head
My life is going to pay two parts a beneath spit and beneath spit
Many  years  throw my mug  meddle  of my  all torture
Being with saltshaker
Periodically go/periodically back/ go/back
When its water poured
Their dialog rent all of damn in all publics toilet
Rent good
Rent a girl who hurts herself whom my home had gone to be sister
This all rental thing were under prosecution after hunger
I rent my last and lay among this letter
Lullaby of predawn
And it was dew which in I trace dream
And a short wave that get longer
As a radio
Hymen is the Greek word meaning skin or curtain, which the Greeks called the goddess of marriage and wedding loans taken God Hymen. Hymen membrane or is that all or part of the vaginal Azdhanh
Covers. The ancient Greeks from the word for all kinds of curtain curtain that surrounds the heart
Will (pericardium), were used, but over time its application was limited to the hymen.
Masoud Kimiayee:
 leading Iranian director and screenwriter. controversial figures in the most controversial film in Iran. His movie czar in 1348, for the first time the two poles of art and commercial cinema in . starter New Wave cinema of Iran. Most kimiayee works in social genre – is political. in plus of film maker and script writers, writing novels and poetry also has experienced. Kimiayee workshop after the revolution 57 free movie established.
Reza Baraheni:

 writer, poet and literary critic of Iran. He has a poetic name of Ismail in which Stalin, de Gaulle, Siavash Kasraie and takes the name of Jalal Al Ahmad. Poetry has been presented to Ismail Shahroodi